Urban furniture

PetroSOLAR is a line of 5 different products made from one - identical base that makes them unique in the world.

All products are powered exclusively by SOLAR energy and are developed with the basic purpose of IMPROVING the quality of life, RAISING safety and to Promote the image of the location where they are located.

PetroSOLAR PROJEKT pametni mobilijar klupa

All PetroSOLAR products in the basic version have

Free USB chargers for mobile devices

4G Wi-Fi


Two advertising positions (front and back)

By special request can integrate:

Interactive (touch) displays

Air quality sensors

Noise level sensors

Surveillance cameras

PetroSOLAR product key benefits

Increasing security in urban and non-urban unlit environments

Satisfying the constant need for Internet and additional energy for mobile devices

Increased interaction with furniture - contributes to more efficient transmission of advertising and information messages

Smart advertising totems on solar energy

PetroSOLAR smart advertising totems are intended for installation in various locations in the city or outside it. Their main purpose is to provide users with free charging of mobile devices and wireless internet, as well as providing advertising and tourist information about the location where they are located or attractions nearby, and they have their own energy-saving LED lighting – so they can be used as the main public lighting for:

  • parks

  • promenades

  • beaches

  • tourist lookouts

  • parking

  • pedestrian zones

Smart Solar bench

PetroSOLAR smart solar benches are intended for installation in various economic and tourist locations such as:

  • city squares, promenades, parks, etc.
  • tourist locations, lookouts, beaches, piers, etc.
  • national parks, parking lots, fortresses, etc.

All PetroSOLAR smart benches are powered exclusively by solar energy and do not require any additional wiring.

After installation are:

  • immediately ready for use
  • do not require any special additional maintenance
  • extremely anti-vandal resistant.

There are several models of benches.

Bus stop - smart bus shelters

Petro-SOLAR bus stops are of modular type, they are very easy to install in both urban and suburban areas and depending on the wishes, needs and locations of installation can be increased or decreased to meet the reception of the appropriate number of passengers.

Each stop is energy independent and in the basic variant has integrated: Off grid solar system, LED lighting, free chargers for mobile devices, 4 G Wi-Fi router for wireless internet, bench, as well as a waste bin.

In addition to the basic elements, our bus shelters can integrate a number of additional elements such as: Interactive monitors, LED displays, surveillance cameras, billboards – city light advertising boxes.

As a special upgrade, our bus stops are able to be networked in a unique city BUS STOP system that is able to monitor and provide information on bus lines, expected arrival times of buses and the like, or information on air quality, temperature, humidity…

We produce three types of Bus Shelters:

  • Open
  • Semi-closed
  • Closed (which could and air conditioning)

Luxury pergolas & Cabanas

Specially designed for beaches, luxury hotels and villas. Each has a double (French) bed, 4G WiFi internet, USB chargers for mobile, LED lighting.

Upon special request, it could be installed a mini refrigerator for drinking or cooling wine LCD & LED Monitor.

Solar chargers for electric cars and bicycles (EV Chargers)

They can have 4G wireless internet, mobile chargers, LED lighting, compressors for inflating tires and advertising positions, and also provide protection of vehicles from the weather.

There are 3 basic types:

  • For home use
  • For public use
  • Models for highways and gas stations