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PetroSOLAR PROJEKT is a SOLAR energy company with its own product line of Urban Smart Solar Furniture (SmartBench, Solar Bus Shelters,…etc). All products are manufactured from top quality components exclusively on a turnkey basis in order to guarantee the reliability of the solution in the longest possible time.

Our Mission is to make the environment more suitable for a fast and modern way of life, using exclusively free, clean and sustainable energy, SOLAR. That is why all our products have been developed with the aim of improving the quality of life, raising safety and improving the image of the location, making the everyday environment more suitable for living; smarter, more modern, greener.

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, today we are able to power literally everything with solar energy, so whether you want to power just one light bulb at the cottage, a field irrigation pump, a house or an entire office building with solar energy PetroSOLAR PROJECT is able to produce the best solution solar system with optimal price-quality ratio.

The main advantage of all PetroSOLAR solutions is quick and easy installation at any desired location in the city or outside the city environment, after which the are immediately ready for use and do not require any special additional maintenance.

The additional value of PetroSOLAR products are advertising positions, that provides  fast ROI (return on investment) as well as promotion of local tourist and economic potentials of the location where they are located. Thanks to this unique model, where we produce 5 different products from one base (Smart Benches, Solar Bus Stops, Interactive Kiosks, Chargers for electric vehicles, Advertising totems…) PetroSOLAR is a finalist of the 2017 AUREA Investment of the Year award.

Thanks to the UNIQUE DESIGN, TOP QUALITY AND COMPETITIVE PRICES, an increasing number of clients show us their trust, so that today PetroSOLAR solutions are located next to Serbia in Abu Dhabi, neighboring countries, the EU

Produce your own clean energy and save the environment
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